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Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Sack Of Babymakers


On this xxx superhero parody, the boy within the masks carries the super-stacked gutless bods of mega-boobed porn industry stars Minka and Kayla into his hideout and lays them out at the sofa. Kayla wakes up first-ever, then stripling wakes Minka up. The boy referred to as Blue Sack of babymakers could not have abducted any further down-and-dirty porno professionls than those 2 huge-titted legends for his nefarious plans.

The fight embarks as each Minka and Kayla dive on Blue Sack of babymakers’ trouser snake to gargle and pummel him dry. And they have got the abilities to do it. No boy ass sustain their trouser snake assault once they squad up. He used to be not Blue Sack of babymakers when those 2 had been knocked with him. They were given all his super-hero mancum. Really an awesome view. This episode is within the DVD SCORE Xtra five and within the super-edition three hour DVD Most Minka.

Date: October 12, 2017